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Betzy - Udine, IT

"Great sounds. They did a killer job with the production." - Jack Conte

Betzy is the code name of photographer Fabio Cussigh, when it comes to music.

Singer ever since high school, Fabio starts to write songs again in 2006, during a year in New York as a correspondent of the magazine Rolling Stone.

Back in Italy, he founds the label Lady Lovely with Ru Catania, works on the pieces and entrusts them to Ru for artistic production.

In 2010 he releases "Romancing The Bone", critics and public speak highly of it.

Betzy doesn't have a real band, depending on the occasion is accompanied by Ru Catania, Simone Sant, WAH Companion, and Dolcetti, alias Gianni Rojatti and Erik Tulissio.
"A half Lou Reed and half Frank Black Frankenstein that wanted to go the same way of a debuting Bob Dylan, while finding a producer who loves electro as the Beasty Boys do"
Blow Up
"Reminds the best Fun Lovin 'Criminals strolling the sidewalks of the “city that never sleeps"