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Galapaghost - Austin, Texas - USA

“An inspired, mature, and really delicious songwriter”. - Rockerilla

The folk singer Casey Chandler, aka Galapaghost, is born in New York. After studying he moves to Texas, where he composes and records a handful of songs.

In 2010 he plays in the American and European tour of the acclaimed John Grant.

In 2012 Lady Lovely Label releases his debut album "Runnin". An Italian tour of 15 consecutive dates follows. On stage Casey playing with Ru Catania (Africa Unite, WAH Companion) and Federico Puttilli (Nadar Solo, Levante).

The following year, thanks to a successful crowd funding campaign on MusicRaiser, Galapaghost releases his second album "Dandelion", always for Lady Lovely and with the artistic production of Ru Catania.

At the end of 2014 his song "Never Heard Nothin '" is included in the highly anticipated film by Gabriele Salvatores "The Invisible Boy". The director also commissions a second song, "The Tale Of The Invisible Boy", which will be on the soundtrack distributed by Warner.

"Songs: one more enjoyable than the other."
Mucchio Selvaggio
"A small sample of indie folk of our day, not at all difficult to fall in love with."