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The Leading Guy - Belluno, IT

When an artist is more famous than his own work, he takes the risk to fail.

Songwriting it is the one thing that truly matters for The Leading Guy. Through song, The Leading Guy is able to be unique and spontaneous even though it may be painful, looking for a way to describe silence in every day noise. Great attention is given to the melody in each song, which is rooted in folk tradition. The Leading Guy becomes a storyteller, narrating, preserving tales and memories that might otherwise fade away.

The Leading Guy performs directly with his audience only using a guitar and his voice. His music and songs illustrate life in general as well as his own experiences. He listens to those who don’t have a voice; he shares those memories and those absences through his songs. There is a constant pursuit to engage the listener, inciting a bond during live performances. This allows the listener to relate and connect during a performance. The stage is his home. The stage is his place. The stage is where his words become a melody for all to embrace and share with one another. His existence lives in his lyrics.

The Leading Guy has lived in Ireland and has traveled throughout Europe, from Copenhagen to Cappadocia. In 2015 he was the opening act for Jack Savoretti, who has publicly praised The Leading Guy’s musical talent. During that summer, he was also the opening act for 2Cellos for three prominent stages: Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle, Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and at the No Borders Music Festival in Tarvisio.