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WAH Companion - Torino, IT

"A goldmine of contagious and clever riffs" - Fuori dal Mucchio

The WAH Companion began as a side project of Africa Unite guitarist Ru Catania in 2001 with the self-produced album "Anomalie Domestiche".

Ru guitar and vocals, Balistica guitar, Kasko drums, Mago Medina (Maoelarivoluzione) bass.

In 2003 the label RedLed releases five new songs in the EP "RedLed Split Vol.3", and the song "Cindy 76" is included in the successful film by Marco Ponti "Andata e Ritorno".

The recording of the EP will also mark the departure of Mago Medina and the entry of their sound technician Rockin' Rudy as a bass player and producer.

Two years of intense live activity throughout Italy.

In 2005 the band records the album "Quasi tutto liscio", but the friend, merchandiser and photographer of the band Caterina Farassino loses her life in a car accident shortly after the photo shoot for the album's release.

The group is drained, and the few proposals from an increasingly complicated market, doesn't motivate them.

The album remains in standby until 2007, when photographer Fabio Cussigh encourages Ru to found the label Lady Lovely and publish "Quasi tutto liscio”.

The label's name "Lady Lovely" takes the cue from a song that WAH Companion never recorded.

Shortly after the release of the album, Balistica leaves the band, that continues as a trio.

"Kir Royale" video accumulates immediately several hundreds of thousands of visualizations, thanks to YouTube star Cutiemish.

In 2011 Ru moves to Belgium. Since then WAH is not active, although they have not officially broken up.

"A music search inclined to save the best of the monumental history of this idol called ROCK"
"Square and bare, schematic pop­rock with great hints plunging in the garage style of the sixties"